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WoW Classic uses the Drums of War patch 1.12 as a jumping-off point

  2020-01-17 11:25:22
World of WarCraft rewinds time back to 2006. This means it takes place prior to even the first expansion, The Burning Crusade. WoW originally launched in 2004, so we’re not quite back at the beginning. WoW Classic uses the Drums of War patch (1.12) as a jumping-off point. From looting to builds to look and mechanics, WoW Classic is certifiably 2006.

Combat is slower, more methodical, and generally more dangerous. Movement across the map takes much longer than in modern WoW. Additionally, quests are more straightforward, with less chance of happenstance events occurring mid-run. You also may have to meander a bit to find out where you’re going and prepare for more backtracking. Your primary stats will look quite similar to modern WoW, but secondary stats are really different, as Blizzard has overhauled that aspect of builds over the years. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe WOW Vanilla Gold For Sale.

Unlike the latest retail expansion, WoW Classic doesn’t need to be purchased upfront before you can play. All you need to play is an active subscription to WoW – which means that most people who are interested either don’t need to do anything to gain access to WoW Classic since they’re already subscribed or simply renew their subscription. Subscriptions to World of Warcraft run $14.99 per month, and while monthly subscriptions are a rarity here in 2019, WoW is still popular enough for Blizzard to justify requiring them.

Overall, vanilla WoW takes more effort to make progress. Though the level cap is only 60 (instead of 120), you’ll spend far more time making your way around the map to find dungeons, connect with other players, and grind for loot. Even your build choices are more consequential, as you cannot just instantly switch up your specs. Everything is earned through hard work. But yes, you will need to spend much longer working towards your goals. That can be rewarding, though.

It’ll be interesting to see how popular WoW Classic becomes over the coming days and weeks, and beyond that, how much of that playerbase it can keep as the post-launch timeline expands to months.
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