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WoW Classic: So you get on the side of the alliance the epic Winterspring frost saber

  2019-10-07 15:14:45
If your hero is in World of Warcraft (buy now for € 12.99) Classic on the side of the Alliance you can earn a very special mount for him. What's so special about the Winterspring Frostsaw? The mount has the rarity level Episch and is one of only a few mounts in WoW Classic 100% riding speed - even before reaching the maximum level. If you've learned to ride at level 40, and you get the mount before you reach the maximum level of 60, so you can jet directly at the full riding speed. Sounds great! That's right, but before you can roam the worlds of Azeroth with the chic Tiger Mount, you'll need to prepare for one of the longest, most annoying, and boring grinds WoW Classic has to offer.

To ride Mount, your hero must reach the Calling Level Eagerly with the Wintersaw Trainer. There are only three different repeatable quests available, giving you only 50 or 75 reputation. All places for the quests you take from the picture and the corresponding legend below in the text.

Call level neutral up to 1500 call points
If you have fewer than 1500 reputation points, you can boost your reputation with just a repeatable quest.
    Quest: Frostsaber Meal
    Where? Rivern Frostwind
    Reward: 50 reputation points

All Shivertooth and Icewind Mobs in Winterspring drop the desired meat items for the quest. The drop rates are classic typical underground. So make life easy and play the quest single-handedly. On the map you can see the place where you find the quest giver (number 1) and a circle and the number 2 marks a good farm for the meat.

Call level neutral 1500 to 3000
Frohlocket, because if you exceed 1500 reputation points, you can accept another repeatable quest.

    Quest: Winterfell Invaders
    Where? At Rivern Frostwind
    Reward: 50 reputation points

To complete this quest, you must kill five Winterfur sharks and five Winterskin Ursas. A good place to do the job quickly is the small village east of Everlook. You can complete this task quickly and effectively in a group. Another benefit of the quest: You can kill two birds with one stone, as the mobs in Winterfell Village you have to complete for the quest will drop Winterfur Spirit Beads to increase your reputation with the Timbermaw faction.

But wait with the redemption of the pearls until you are respectful. This is easily achieved if you combine the Winterfell Invader quest, which you will have to do over and over again for the Rufgrind, with the Winterfell Activity task. You will receive it at NPC Salfa in the west of Winterspring. Once you are respectful, you will have a great deal of beads to deliver, making the Awesome Way at Timbermaw Hold much easier.

Reputation Revered to Awesome
Once you reach Reputation Revered, you can accept another quest. However, the trajectories are very long and the opponents that you have to complete to complete the task have the status Elite.

    Quest: Raging Giants
    Where? At Rivern Frostwind
    Reward: 75 reputation points

To complete the task, kill four Frosthail Giants and two Frosthound Keepers. These can be found in the south of Winterspring in the area of ​​The Whispering Gorge. Although these quests grant you 75 reputation rewards, however, the trajectories are very long and, of course, killing the elite opponents takes longer. That's why we recommend that you simply complete the task of invading Winterfells with a group until you are awesome. The Elite Quest is only worthwhile if the village is very crowded for the Winterfell mobs.

1. Rivern Frostwind
2. Do frostbite food
3. Dealing with Winterfell intruders
4. Do raging giants
5. NPC Salfa with Quest Winterfell activity

Also not unimportant is the price of the Winterspring frost saber. Not only do you have to lay down a long hard grind until you have the necessary reputation, you also need 900 gold to buy the magnificent Mount. Normally, you should have the gold but after Grind together - valuable is also a high skinning skill to sell collected materials. Good luck and above all a lot of nerves and stamina - you will need!

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