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There is a lot to love about this new way that 4A has approached the story in Metro Exodus

  2021-04-09 15:43:01
There’s a lot to love about this new way that 4A has approached the story in Metro Exodus. While I will say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the large, open-world portions, overall the experience is tied together extremely well. This allows it to deliver a tense and unforgettable experience that helps to bring Artyom’s story to a nice close, should the developer want to move on and tell other stories within this world.

Yet while the previous two games stuck mostly to the titular Metro train tunnels, Exodus moves aboveground to a massive and varied area of ruins and wilderness in Russia's south-west; from the Ural Mountains to the Caspian Sea to the city of Novosibirsk. While the Metro-dwellers previously believed they were the last humans on Earth, and that the surface was uninhabitable, Exodus begins with the discovery that this is far from true.

It’s worth mentioning that Metro Exodus is gorgeous. The textures are crisp and detailed, the animations are convincingly natural and perhaps most importantly in a game like this, the lighting is incredible. The way shadows form realistically adds to the creepy nature of the game, while the sun’s reflection on water surfaces looks genuine. Even the skybox looks real, with 3D volumetric clouds that move across the sky. The level of detail on the weapons is also brilliant, with the paintwork becoming scratched with wear and tear and rust accumulating over time. After shooting an automatic weapon, your suppressor may glow red with heat while smoke pours out the barrel, or you may see the recoil spring jerk with each shot fired. The attention to detail is simply outstanding.

With respect to combat, the AI of the enemies has improved significantly from previous entries in the series. For instance, opponents now react to the changes in light levels, something that will prompt players to do all the most dangerous missions at night. While it is harder to be noticed in the dark, don't think that it will be easy hiding in the shadows all the time — if the enemies hear even the slightest sound of you coming, they will shoot.

Another new system that you’ll see come into play a bit during your time in Metro Exodus is the sleeping system, which allows you to pass time and heal up without using your medkits. Passing time can give you alternate ways to approach situations, as bandits and the like will often patrol less at night, and the darkness will make it easier to sneak around, taking out enemies without causing undue panic. This was the biggest thing that I liked about the more open approach to situations, as it allows you to think for yourself and really explore the different options available.

A prevalence of bugs and technical hiccups also persists throughout the game. More often than not they're quirky rather than frustrating — like enemies getting stuck in walls after you've killed them or guns floating through air — but I did experience several full crashes as well.

Gameplay is surprisingly deep for a first-person shooter, bringing realism and immersion. Voice acting and dialogue detract from an otherwise intriguing story but are not game-breaking. If you enjoyed the previous Metro titles or other survival horror games, you’ll love Metro Exodus.

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