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The Unbridled Darkness event is now live in World of Warcraft

  2021-03-26 17:04:43
The Unbridled Darkness event, also known as Demon Hunter simulator, is now live in World of Warcraft. The bonus event, which is available for a limited time, turns your screen pitch black in Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Similar to previous bonus events, like Beasts of Prodigum and Chorus of Dead Souls, your first Anima Orb, which can be found at the entrance of Torghast, offers a unique Anima Power.

There are two options. There’s Vial of Unbridled Darkness, which releases “the darkness” for 15 seconds, causing you to be “completely unable” to view your surroundings. While under this effect, your damage and healing done is increased by 75 percent, and your speed movement speed is increased by 30 percent. And there’s Flask of Unbridled Darkness. It releases the darkness for 30 seconds and has a 60-second cooldown, instead of a 90-second cooldown.

The main difference among the Flask, Vial, and Uncontrolled Darknesses is how long the default effect lasts. For Flask, it’s dark for 30 seconds and has a cooldown of 60 seconds, whereas for the Vial you have darkness for 15 seconds and a cooldown of 90 seconds, meaning you’ll be fighting in darkness fewer times during the run than if you get the Flask. Both of these have an initial boost of 75% damage and 30% movement, which isn’t too shabby. Uncontrolled Darkness is a different mechanic entirely, as every 5 kills it swaps status — kill five mobs, everything goes dark; kill five more, vision returns — hence why it’s considered uncontrolled. The advantage of not being able to control when you have to fight in the dark is 150% damage and 50% movement at the start of your run, but I’m not entirely sure that’s worth it when it seems likely you could end up fighting a boss without having the benefit of your Unbridled Darkness abilities.

All the new abilities in Torghast’s Chorus of Dead Souls
There are two sets of abilities you’ll get access to. The first only requires you to be a part of the chorus, while the other makes you pick Howling Soulcore as your starting ability.

Are all of the general Chorus Anima powers
  •     Aegis of Lost Souls – While part of a Deadsoul Chorus, all damage taken is reduced by 25%.
  •     Contorted Hourglass – While part of a Deadsoul Chorus, time passes 20% faster for you.
  •     Improbably Shifting Orb – Increases the maximum number of charges of Phase Shift by 1.
  •     One Piece of Many – While part of a Deadsoul Chorus, your damage and healing done is increased by 25%.
  •     The Spectral Hands of Arcadne – While part of a Deadsoul Chorus, your Auto Attack damage is increased by 100% and your Auto Attack range is increased by 20 yds.
  •     Arcadne’s Feasting Mark – Any time a Deadsoul Chorus that you are a part of casts Phase Shift, you are healed for (100% of Spell power) Health every 2 sec for 10 sec.
  •     Arcadne’s Ritual Mask – Any time a Deadsoul Chorus that you are a part of casts Twisting Shadows, you gain 50% Critical strike chance for 8 sec.
  •     Essence Siphoner – While part of a Deadsoul Chorus, increases Phantasma earned by 50%.

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