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The First Three Rocket League DLCs Will be Free for All Players Soon

  2020-01-13 11:25:48
Rocket League developer Psyonix made a series of announcements in blog post this week detailing some of what the company has scheduled over this holiday season, including plans to release the first three Rocket League DLCs for free. Sometime later this year, Psyonix said it’s going to freely distribute the first three DLC packs it created for Rocket League to everyone who owns to the game.

In a blog post, developer Psyonix announced that the first three packs of downloadable content could be used for free. The three DLCs will be released later this year.

The DLCs are:

· Supersonic Fury
· Revenge of the Battle-Cars
· Chaos Run

All the items contained in those updates will be available to owners of the Rocket League. Psyonix said that they would have access to Takumi, Zippy, Dominus, Grog, and Ripper. Takumi, for instance, can only be downloaded in the Supersonic Fury DLC. The car looks like a cross between a Camaro and a Subaru WRX STI. In addition, Cheap Rocket League wheels is on hot sale at our website

Grog resembles a Zamboni and a lawnmower on steroids. It first appeared in December 2015 and is available during the Chaos Run DLC. Another car available for this DLC is the Ripper, featuring a futuristic design resembling Mad Max-themed cars. Meanwhile, Zippy looks like a Volkswagen buggy and first appeared in October 2015 during the Supersonic Acrobatic Battle-Cars event. The car is available during the Revenge of the Battle-Cars update.

As a result of this, the three DLCs will no longer be available for purchase. The Rocket League Game of the Year Edition will also no longer be available because it includes these three DLCs. If you purchased this content after 1st October 2019, you'll be eligible for a refund through your respective platform (in this case the Switch). Psyonix also confirmed the next Frosty Fest would take place this December. It'll start in the middle of the month and run through until the new year.
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