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Bless Unleashed Star Seeds News & Guides

The first content patch for the PC version of Bless Unleashed will be released in September

  2021-09-08 14:23:50
The Round8 studio launched the PC version of Bless Unleashed on August 6 and at the end of this first month of operation, the boss of the development team Koven Park gives a brief review of the launch: the studio has clearly been a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the players, new servers were therefore deployed in the wake of the release to better accommodate them and the studio promises to continue its efforts - in particular by reworking the interface of the PC version, by fighting better against cheating and pursuing class balancing. And as a "token of gratitude," the studio will distribute the game's next Season Pass for free, along with seven days of premium play to all players.

This update will be available in mid-September on the 15th, and will include a new boss - Twisted Void Spider Queen, which is an enhanced version of the already familiar to adventurers Spider Queen, as well as the dungeon “Nightspire - Caverns of Wrath”. The latter is divided into three zones, in each of which brave heroes will face a battle with a dangerous enemy.

While it is not a content update, it does introduce a ton of bug fixes, including some for classes.

Class-Specific Fixes
If you’ve chosen the Mage class as your main character, you have probably noticed that some skills do not work as intended.

What the CBT has shown us so far isn’t much, but there’s genuine excitement from PC players of what’s to come at launch. Bless Unleashed is a free to play MMORPG unlike the disaster that was the buy-to-play Early Access launch of Bless Online. While we don’t know what Unleashed’s cash-shop holds, we can draw hints from the console versions, and it’s tame. There’s an emphasis on season pass style purchases, which is mostly harmless.

At the same time, the game also features a new dungeon, Nightspire - Caverns of Wrath. Centuries old, the keep was erected to seal a rift opened by the forbidden magic of the Savantis ... Today, the seal has been broken and the rift reopens, letting monstrosities escape. Players who venture into the dungeon will need to be at least level 35 and explore the instance's three wings, each protected by a boss. By overcoming it, we can hope to obtain the Ebony Unicorn mount.

From a gameplay perspective, the game is going in the right direction and we hope Bless Unleashed will return in December for an open beta on Steam. Otherwise the game’s full launch will take place sometime in 2021.

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