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WOW TBC Classic Gold News & Guides

Patch 9.1.5 will be one of the biggest non-content patches in WoW modern history

  2021-09-08 11:50:53
The eighth expansion pack for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft was announced in November 2019.It is very popular with the WoW community and the fact that many still play it a year and a half later emphasises that the developers made a great expansion pack.These updates are not only big, but are very important as they provide a lot of big bug fixes and good changes to the game.

A new passive ability has been added to the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm that gives players the ability to fly in the Shadowlands while dead.

The ability is called “Weightless Soul,” according to WoW coverage site Wowhead, and will be active in all four of the major zones of the Shadowlands: Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth. The ability to fly while dead will not be active in Korthia and the Maw when Patch 9.1.5 goes live. Players have been able to fly in Shadowlands since Patch 9.1 but have only been able to do so while their character is alive.

The devs are slowly stripping away restrictive systems in Shadowlands, catering to feedback that has been pouring in since the release of the beta. Patch 9.1.5, which will be available to play on the public test realm in early September, includes a myriad of changes from class and Covenant balance to complete system overhauls.

So while the 9.1.5 changes have largely been praised for shaking up the game, the community attributes these radical alterations to the mass exodus from the game. Either way, the future of WoW remains uncertain.

When it does finally arrive, patch 9.1.5 will be one of the biggest non-content patches in WoW's modern history, with a long list of fan-requested changes set to be introduced alongside new character creation options. Many in the game's community feel like their feedback is finally being listened to, but not before some of WoW's biggest content creators have decided to move on, in part because of Blizzard's lack of action following the release of Shadowlands.

The patch will come out twice. The first time it will be released is over the next couple days, hopefully between Thursday 9th September and Monday 13th September 2021. The official date has not been confirmed. When the patch is released between these dates, it will only be on the Public Test Realm.

Its official release won’t be for a few months, with many believing it will go live in early November. Hopefully we get official dates confirmed by Warhammer soon.

Others have quit as Blizzard continues to deal with the fallout from a state of California lawsuit accusing the developer of harassment and discrimination towards women. Those allegations have led to the removal of in-game developer references and the departure of numerous Blizzard veterans, including former president J. Allen Brack and former lead level designer Jesse McCree.

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