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New World, scheduled for a full release on Aug. 31

  2021-07-27 15:55:41
Developed by Amazon Games Orange County (formerly Double Helix Games, the studio behind Silent Hill: Homecoming) New World casts players as a castaway stranded on a strange island called Aeternum. Its location is only whispered, leading adventurers from across the world to seek it out. You’re one such explorer (designed to spec in a genre-standard character creator, which offers a good variety of options for expression, from skin tone and hair styles to facial features and tattoos), washing up on its shores after a shipwreck.

New World, scheduled for a full release on Aug. 31, puts players in the role of explorers who’ve ended up stranded on the magic-riddled island of Aeternum. So far, it seems to split the difference between action games and the traditional MMORPG formula, with fast-paced real-time combat.

The New World closed beta is running until August 2. Players looking to try it for themselves can either pre-order the game or sign up as a tester, although only those who pre-order are guaranteed an access key. The full game launches on August 31.

That's been done before in the past with previous Amazon Games titles, including an extended beta test for New World itself last year following the game's delay into 2021, as well as with the short-lived third person hero shooter/battle royale Crucible, which rode a very brief high as one of the top-viewed games on Twitch before becoming one of the only games in history to be unreleased into closed beta. Crucible was abandoned entirely shortly after, with developers who worked on the game instead shifting to help on New World and other "other upcoming projects."

New World’s wider approach to levelling and character improvement seems complicated and overwhelming at a glance, with numbers thrown at you for just about every action you do in-game. However, you soon notice how it breaks down into logical categories. Beyond the aforementioned weapon skills, combat and quest completion will earn you character experience, while even exploring the map earns you territory standing in different regions of Aeternum. Levelling up your character earns you two points per level to spend on five personal stats – strength, dexterity, intelligence, focus, and constitution – while improving territory standing allows you to buy buffs that apply when you’re in that particular area, such as decreasing costs or improving gathering speed for harvesting resources.

By way of comparison, having 200,000 players made New World the sixth most popular game on Steam on July 25, only beaten out by perennial server hogs like Rainbow Six: Siege and Team Fortress 2. It’s too early to say whether this means the game is a hit, but it’s an encouraging early sign for Amazon.

Despite the graphics card problem, it's mostly good news for Amazon Games. Regardless of what happens when the game actually launches, New World is already Amazon's most successful game by a mile. While that's not exactly saying much given Amazon's previous video game track record, it is a step in the right direction, and proof that perhaps the studio does have what it takes to make a hit.

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