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NBA 2K22 MT News & Guides

NBA 2K22 audio presentation will feature all 30 of the NBA real-life arena public-address announcers

  2021-09-07 16:14:42
NBA 2K22 will be a highly anticipated video game release when it comes out on Sept. 10. The Washington Wizards will already have Rui Hachimura as one of the cover athletes, and there’s more, besides Bradley Beal’s 89 rating.

NBA 2K22’s audio presentation will feature all 30 of the NBA’s real-life arena public-address announcers — these are the folks who fire up the crowd with spotlight introductions of the starting lineup, ceremonies that have become as memorable as the superstars themselves.

On Wednesday, 2K announced an audio presentation element that I’ll be honest, I never thought we’d see in the game. NBA 2K22 will feature the real PA announcer for every franchise in the league and some of the recently retired legendary voices.

Here’s the full list of PA announcers in the game:
  •     Scott Moak – Sacramento Kings
  •     Eric Smith – Los Angeles Clippers
  •     Vince Marotta – Phoenix Suns
  •     Lawrence Tanter – Los Angeles Lakers
  •     Matt Pitman – Golden St. Warriors
  •     Mark Fratto – Washington Wizards
  •     Paul Porter – Orlando Magic
  •     Patrick “Big Pat” Doughty – Charlotte Hornets
  •     Herbie Kuhn – Toronto Raptors
  •     Olivier Sedra – Brooklyn Nets
  •     Eddie Palladino – Boston Celtics
  •     Matt Cord – Philadelphia 76ers
  •     Michael Baiamonte – Miami Heat
  •     Mike Walczewski – New York Knicks
  •     Mark Mason – Portland Trail Blazers
  •     Shawn Parker – Minnesota Timberwolves
  •     Dan Roberts – Utah Jazz
  •     Kyle Speller – Denver Nuggets
  •     Mario Nanni – Oklahoma City Thunder
  •     Shawn Sullivan – Indiana Pacers
  •     Tim Sinclair – Chicago Bulls
  •     Sean Peebles – Cleveland Cavaliers
  •     Eric Jensen – Milwaukee Bucks
  •     Tommy Edwards – Classic Chicago Bulls
  •     John Mason – Detroit Pistons
  •     Roland Ruiz – San Antonio Spurs
  •     Marcus Tucker – Memphis Grizzlies
  •     Wild Wayne – New Orleans Pelicans
  •     Sean Heath – Dallas Mavericks

Of note, Matt Thomas for the Houston Rockets wasn’t seen or heard in the trailer, but he is included. Ryan Cameron was dropped by the Atlanta Hawks, so they might have a generic PA announcer. We have followed up with 2K to get clarification.

The NBA 2K franchise has provided an interactive and realistic gameplay experience which seems yo be getting better every year. With the addition of NBA PA announcers from each team joining in on the action, that will make the video game experience just a bit more like a game at Capital One Arena itself.

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