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NBA 2K21 MT News & Guides

NBA 2K21,the Next-Gen has Revealed

  2020-11-07 16:55:45
Buy NBA 2K21 MT With the next-gen version of NBA 2K21, it appears 2K has again re-defined the meaning of depth in a franchise mode.MyLeague, MyLeague Online and MyGM are no more. The large modes have been morphed into one humongous option with a whirlwind of customization called MyNBA.

nba 2k21

Here's a list of the highlight features you can expect, courtesy of the latest Courtside Report blog post.

    Fantasy Draft: Draft players randomly through the league.
    Customize League Rules: Pick any rules you want right from the start. Lottery, Standings, All-Star, Shot Clock, Foul Out, Lane Violation, Eight-Second Violation, Backcourt Violation, Playoffs, Possession Arrow, Bonus, Goaltending, Back to the Basket, Sudden Death Overtime, Free Throws, Salary Cap, Trades, Draft, Contracts, and Elam Ending.
    Custom Roster: Use stock rosters or rosters created by fans.
    Custom League: For the first time you can remove teams to have as few as 12 teams per league.
    CBA Rules: Turn them on or off as you like.
    Role-Playing: Turn on or off MyGM elements like Conversations, Scoring, Skills, Tasks, and Morale & Chemistry.
    Budget and Finances: Salary Cap, Hard Cap, and Luxury Tax, etc.
    Play with Friends: Sets up a MyNBA Online league with all the franchise and GM options available.
    Playable G-League
    Boom/Bust: Boom and Bust has been revamped with more options such as low and high-potential floors, low and high-potential ceilings and a probability to boom, bust or hit somewhere in between. Prospects also develop after age 23 as well.
    Assistant Coach: New staff, which can have an impact on your team.
    2K Share: Using Share Setups and Share Scenarios, players can upload their own settings configs for others to use.
    Tattoos: On generated players and prospects alike.

Outside of the simulation, NBA 2K21 next-gen’s big new idea is The City. It’s billed as the next step after Neighborhood, and it is an actual open-world where you can walk around, join one of the four affiliations, and compete in one-on-one (or bigger team) events. You get around it on foot, skateboard, or bike. There are shops, pickup courts, and more. There’s even a FourSquare-esque feature that allows you to run for mayor of each district, complete with in-game polling places to vote at every six weeks when new elections are held. The four mayors then get to curate matchup soundtracks, design their affiliation’s courts, and customize the look of their district. Hundreds of players will walk around at a given time, though when I jumped into the preview build, only a couple of QA testers were milling about. Still, it’s a fascinating feature if Visual Concepts can pull it off.

The source blog post offers very in-depth explanations of each of these facets, but the core idea of MyNBA is that it offers an improved experience by mixing the best parts of MyGM and MyLeague together. It allows players to create a hardcore MyLeague management experience with RPG elements or create an RPG experience with added depth in its rules and regulations. Perhaps the best part of all is that almost none of the new content is forced upon players either. Those who prefer the standard gameplay options of either mode can still take advantage of those at any time. is the best NBA 2K21 MT Coins & Points trading platform with real sellers, accurate inventory, real evaluation and sales.
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