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Madden NFL 22 through Dynamic Gameday improving gameplay across the game

  2021-07-09 13:57:04
When Madden NFL 22 was announced on Thursday, EA listed a number of next-gen features coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game that wouldn’t be included in the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One releases. These features include next-gen stats, more refined AI, stadium atmosphere, and improved movement – with most of these part of the ‘dynamic gameday’ feature the publisher is adding to make the latest Madden more exciting and realistic.

The shift in focus is clear: previous consoles are on the way out. Madden NFL 22 is simply more worthwhile if you have a PS5 or Xbox Series console. Although it's not necessarily the end for last-gen hardware, we wouldn't bet money on NFL 23 coming to older platforms.

“Last year, we had more players than ever in Madden and we’re looking forward to bringing a new experience in Madden NFL 22 that will be more emotional, authentic and realistic with Dynamic Gameday improving gameplay across the game,” said Madden NFL 22 executive producer Seann Graddy.

Madden NFL 22: Dynamic Gameday Deep-Dive
Gameday Atmosphere is supposed to give each stadium a unique feel with the addition of superfans, varied crowd animations, and specific sideline reactions based on the new Gameday Momentum features. The super fans won't be the ones players may be used to seeing at an actual NFL game, but each stadium will feature unique fans different from other stadiums in order to replicate the real NFL experience in Madden 22. These unique stadium effects will feature things like the flyover at Soldier Field and will also affect the on-field gameplay like the raucous crowd at Arrowhead. All of which will be further affected by the new Momentum effects.

Dynamic Gameday is made up of three features. “Gameday Atmosphere” focuses on the crowds, environments and presentation elements of matchdays. “Gameday Momentum” covers performance-based mechanics such as home advantage and momentum shifts, and “Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI” uses real world player data, which is updated throughout the season, to influence AI behaviour.

The game will still be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC players (including on Stadia).

While it's still odd these features won't be available on PC, these updates should eliminate annoying issues from Madden 21, such as every QB making the vast majority of their throws quick checkdown passes before a play even develops. Along with promised improvements to route running, releases, more responsive control of QB scrambling and receivers turning upfield, and more intelligent tackling mechanics, the changes for Madden NFL 22 on next-gen consoles could be a big step forward.

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