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How to farm Vestan Moss more quickly in Warframe

  2019-12-27 10:31:07
Vestan Moss is one of many crafting materials that you’ll come across during your time in Warframe. Like several of these crafting components, Vestan Moss can be a bit difficult to locate if you don’t know the best places to look. Thankfully, we can help out with that, and this guide will discuss one of the best ways to farm for Vestan Moss in Warframe.

Vestan Moss only grows on rocky surfaces, out of direct light. Because the plant itself is moss and is flat, it can be tough to spot unless you are close to it. Check all over the level, and carefully examine areas under stairs, on top of rocks, near cliffs, or anywhere in the shade.

An excellent way to check for this resource is to enter a room, and then equip your Scanner. You need to look around the room with the Scanner to highlight the plant's texture, and you can then move closer to scan it. This process also works with Vestan Moss because the way the texture looks bigger through the Scanner. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can Buy Warframe Platinum from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

To harvest the plant, you need to scan it with your Codex or Synthesis Scanners. While collecting this resource, it is a good idea to use the Cross-Matrix Widget upgrade you can purchase from Cephalon Simaris for your Synthesis Scanner. This widget has a 45 percent chance of counting any successful scan as two scans, yielding twice as much of the plant. You can purchase it from Cephalon Simaris on any Relay for 50,000 Standing.

Draco on Ceres is an excellent node to check for Vestan Moss. It is a Survival mission, so you will be there for a minimum of five minutes, giving you enough time to review the whole level for Vestan Moss.
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