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Here are Dragon Revolt cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide

  2021-09-03 16:51:42

Like a typical MMO that you experienced in both PC and mobile, Dragon Revolt offers boss raid, PvP, open world hunting/farming and lot more. You can also learn a whole slew of spells and skills along the way as you unlock the full potential of your character. And the best that any MMORPG offers, competition.

Dragon Revolt pits two warring kingdoms at war. The Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar Blood Alliance fight to dominate the world, and with the help of our Dragon Revolt cheats and tips, you’ll be able to fight at the top of your game! With six races and three different classes to choose from, combat is strategic and fast-paced, so you’ll need to be on your toes!

Quests are by far the most important thing to complete in this game. You can grind all that you want to, but it will take forever to get anywhere as far as leveling up by just grinding. Quests offer far more experience, so if you want to do any serious leveling up, actively pursuing quest completion is the way to go.


  • Holy Trinity – It’s your choice to be either a mage, warrior, or cleric, each with its distinctive role in party-play.
  • Two Factions – Go for one of two warring factions: the Asta Blood Alliance or the Rossel Empire.
  • Pick Your Skills – Each class is filled with six available skills, but you can only equip four at a time so carefully choose the right ones carefully.
  • Class Customization – Assign points (perhaps in one of three talent trees) to build a custom build for your class that indicates how you want to play.

Dragon Revolt cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide:

  • Fast exp and silver grinding cheat.
  • Login daily and claim your rewards.
  • Always deploy a hunter.
  • Take advantage the discounted items in game.
  • Participate in event.
  • Add friends.

You’ll be able to gain levels and upgrade your gear as you go, but you’ll also be able to upgrade your skills, and the skills can be a little bit more complex. Your skills can be upgraded as high as you current character level is, so whenever you level up, be sure to upgrade your skills to the equivalent of your character levels. Don’t fall behind on them or you could lose some very easy battles.

Hey, can you handle the pleasure that comes with slaying dragons brought to the very palm of your hands? Only a few people can even handle the dungeons in front of them, talk less of the enormous draconian beasts wandering the world. So choose your class, build your character, and let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to dominate Dragon Revolt!

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