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WOW TBC Classic Gold News & Guides

Get ready for some Halloween high jinx coming to WOW

  2021-10-28 11:21:08
The annual Halloween celebration called Hallow's End will return for a limited time in World of Warcraft.This year, the level requirements for obtaining Loot-Filled Pumpkins has changed to reflect the level squish that came with patch 9.0.0 AKA the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch.

Within the lore, Hallow's End began as a holiday event that the humans of Lordaeron celebrated to end the harvest season, but also marks the date where the Forsaken broke free from the control of the Lich King.

It's now officially October and the spooky season is nearly here. Get ready for some Halloween high jinx coming very soon to WOW.

The first thing you’ll notice is the favorite Halloween activity, trick or treating! This is similar to the Classic version, but you can do it much more often, going to any Candy Bucket in an Inn to grab a handful of treats.

The Headless Horseman loot
Gathering a group of five players to take on the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery dungeon is one of the most notorious highlights of the Hallow’s End event each year. In 2021, players must be level 50 or higher to have a chance at obtaining the Loot-Filled Pumpkin from the Horseman, which in turn has a chance to contain the coveted mount, the Horseman’s Reins.

The core of the Hallow's End event is a currency called Tricky Treats. Tricky Treats can be earned by completing daily quests, opening Loot-Filled Pumpkins, and finding Candy Buckets scattered throughout Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria.

The Wickerman event is an RP event each hour where Sylvanas and Greymane witness the burning of the Wickerman giving players a buff.

At levels 45 and up, though, the Horseman drops an epic version of the Loot-Filled Pumpkin. This has a chance to contain the Horseman’s Reins, granting his rare and highly sought-after mount.

Quest rewards
In Val’Sharah, behind the town of Bradensbrook, you’ll find a quest giver named the “Hag of the Crooked Tree”. Speak with her to start a one-off quest that requires you to drink from a nearby cauldron and put one of the hag’s undead sisters to rest. Once you’ve completed a brief boss fight, you’ll earn an item called the “Hag’s Belongings,” which can contain one of four possible cosmetic witch hats. The quest can be completed once per day during Hallow’s End for a chance to collect all four hats.

    Hat of the First Sister
    Hat of the Second Sister
    Hat of the Third Sister
    Hat of the Youngest Sister

Of course, there are also 21 achievements you can grab, as well as the achievement to grab the Hallowed title. If you’re after the meta-achievement for completing all the major holidays, make sure you grab this, or it’ll be a whole year until you can do it again!

Is Hallow's End in Classic and TBC?
Hallow's End is now live and the buffs and candy have been confirmed to work inside of Classic TBC raids.

TBC introduced the Headless Horseman event, which allows players to form a group to take the Headless Horseman down, for a chance at the Horseman's Reins, among many other rewards.

They can also still receive the Wickerman buff, although it may not be as useful in TBC as it was in Classic as world buffs are no longer a thing.
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