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Genshin Impact's first web-based event

  2020-11-07 15:51:13
Cheap Genshin Impact  Account The explosively popular free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact has already hosted numerous in-game events like Elemental Crucible and Marvelous Merchandise since its September launch. Now the developers at miHoYo are introducing Genshin Impact's first web-based event, Stone Harbor Treasure Journal, which gives players the chance to snag numerous in-game rewards. All you need to play it is your handy dandy web browser.

genshin impact

No idea what it’s all about yet, or when exactly it’s going to start, but we do know it’s supposed to start today, on November 2nd, and go on for a week or so. There’s rumors that you’ll have to do odd jobs for Zhong Li or Childe, the two characters planned for banners in 1.11. Doing these tasks will supposedly let you earn up to 200 primogems and 50000 Mora. The money’s not that good, but we’ll take all the primogems we can get our grubby hands on.

According to the developers, you can learn more about the event from the Korean site. It helps you have a stern idea of how the event will look and what you are supposed to do as the player.

From the limited information available regarding the event, you'll get a part-time job in Liyue. You'll need to work under either Zhongli or Childe to complete small, visual novel-inspired tasks. You'll receive minor rewards after finishing each one.

Since the Marvelous Merchandise event has also ended just now, everyone is pretty anxious for something new to do in the game. Update 1.11, which comes out on November 11th, is going to help with its reputation system and all the bells and whistles that come with it, but it’s the rumored December update that we’re really looking forward to. We’ve heard talk about that one adding a whole new area to the game, which is something we’d very much appreciate. is the leading marketplace for trading Genshin Impact Accounts. Buyers are guaranteed delivery, and sellers are fully protected against payment fraud. Our traders are real gamers, and we do not support the use of scamming bots.
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