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EA has now responded to and fixed the Madden 21 sign-in issue

  2020-11-07 17:02:33
Cheap MUT 21 Coins A recent issue hampered many gamers who were trying to sign in and play Madden 21 following a title update this past Thursday. EA has now responded to and fixed the Madden 21 sign-in issue. They’ve also given gamers for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC a workaround to resolve the glitch so they can get back online and install an update.

EA Madden Community Manager KRAELO has shared some potential workaround options, and here are those solutions, sorted by console:
Xbox One

    Close the Madden NFL 21 application from the Xbox One Dashboard
    Select Options > Manage Game and Addons for Madden
    Navigate to “Saved Data”
    Navigate to “Reserved space”
        File should be roughly 4GB
    Select options for that file
    Select clear reserved space
        Confirm the action by selecting CLEAR RESERVED SPACE
    Restart your Xbox One
    Launch Madden NFL 21

madden 21


    Close the Madden NFL 21 application
    Select Options on Madden NFL 21
    Navigate to “Delete”
        Confirm deletion
    Insert your Madden NFL 21 disc, and launch OR Reinstall the game from the Playstation Store if purchased digitally
    Install Madden NFL 21
    Once fully updated, launch Madden NFL 21


    Close the Madden NFL 21 application
        Wait for it to close completely
    Navigate to this file directory
        C:\ProgramData\Frostbite\Madden NFL 21\LCU
    Delete the LCU folder
        Right click the folder and select Delete
    Restart your system
    Launch Madden NFL 21

It is abundantly clear the developers at EA are trying to take into account some of the complaints and feedback from gamers. Hopefully the patch will make Madden 21 a more realistic simulation.

Since not all players could get online to get the Emergency Title Update, EA provided a workaround for each platform. The solution to the Madden 21 sign-in update will allow gamers to ultimately restore access to the game and then be able to get the Emergency Title Update. has many professional NFL 21 sellers to make coins in game to supply your demand every day. So you don’t need worry when stock will be in shortage.
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