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Diablo 2 Remastered Gold News & Guides

Diablo 2 Resurrected does everything you want from a remaster

  2021-11-01 13:52:31
Diablo 2 is one of the pillars of gaming history. When it was released on the PC in 2000, it changed the CRPG paradigm and set the standard for loot tiers and generation standards that many games still follow today. Diablo 2: Resurrected looks to preserve all the aspects that made the original so groundbreaking while updating the visuals for modern resolutions.

If we had to name the most important feature and the one that is undoubtedly the most outstanding of Diablo II Resurrected is its renewed visual section, since now it has graphics that are an authentic past and with what seems a totally new game for the great change, for the better, that he has suffered. And best of all, what made the original special has been respected at all times.

Then come the quality of life improvements to the controls. Like the visuals, it's easy to forget how monotonous the controls were back in the aughts. The new controls are intuitive and work as well with a controller as they do with a mouse and keyboard.

The reworked character models look like they were always meant to be there. It’s almost as if the incredibly pixelated sprites that used to haunt our screens in original, were in fact just censorious blurs for the finished project we have now.

Unfortunately, there have been no changes to the way loot drops work, so controller players can just vacuum up items before keyboard and mouse players have a chance to even see them. That’s not a big issue when playing with a friend. However, it can be incredibly frustrating in random matchmaking, especially if other players aren’t looking to split the loot fairly. A great solution would have been a system where players bid on loot on a “Need, Want, Pass” basis, but any improvement would have been welcomed.

When creating characters, the enormous customization that the game can offer is wonderful, although it must also be said that this section has not been modified one iota. Therefore, as soon as you start, you will have the opportunity to select any of the seven available classes, all completely different from the rest, so the gameplay changes considerably from one to another, so his thing is that first, if you are one of newcomers, choose the one you think you might like the most.

Diablo 2 Resurrected does everything you want from a remaster. It looks and plays better than the original, but it's not enough for someone who had his fill of Diablo 2 20 years ago.

On the face of it, Diablo 2 : Resurrected is essentially an old point and click game repurposed for a console controller. Where you used to move a cursor, you now aim the analog stick before selecting a hot-keyed action. It works well enough, but it isn’t anymore riveting than it sounds.
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