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WOW TBC Classic Gold News & Guides

Blizzard has unveiled some details on its plans for WoW TBC Classic phase 2

  2021-09-08 10:53:52
Three months after the release of Burning Crusade Classic on World of Warcraft Blizzard has unveiled some details on its plans for phase 2.  In addition to the new raids and the new season of arenas it is the release date of the update that was mentioned by the American publisher.

While Arena season two won’t begin until after regions’ weekly resets beginning Sept. 14, Arena season one will end a week earlier, giving players a one-week offseason.

Depending on what region you’re in, TBC Classic Arena season one will end on Sept. 7 following the normal weekly reset. For European servers, the season will end on Sept. 8 following that region’s weekly reset.

Burning Crusade may give you a mountain of work in the first few days and weeks - the level phase up to level 70, the reputation grind, the attunements, professions leveling, badge farming and a lot more - but once you have climbed this mountain, there is hardly anything left for the character apart from the raid instances and a few dailies (at least if you only have limited fun with TBC Classic PvP). Then you either take on a twink, farm gold and stuff for the coming phases or do something else.

Two new raids: The Eye & The Snake Shrine
Phase 2 of WoW TBC Classic brings with it two raids. You have to face Lady Vashj in the Serpent's Cave and Kael’tha's Sunstrider.

Serpent Shrine Cave:

    Raid Bosses: 6
    Level: 70
    Location: The Lizard Cauldron, Zangarmarschen

The eye:

    Raid Bosses: 4
    Level: 70

Outlook for phase 2 of TBC Classic
If we look at the upcoming content of phase 2, then there are a lot of reasons to log in more often:
  •     the raid instances Fortress of Storms and Cave of the Serpent's Shrine, which will certainly be crisper than Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Chamber.
  •     the new Sha'tari factions, Ogri'la and Skyguard, bringing some daily quests and new rewards to Outland.
  •     the quest series for the epic flight form of the druids, which also brings a mount into play with the raven lord, which not only druids are keen on.
  •     the lowered entry barrier for PvP as well as the significantly shorter battlefield queues in combination with the PvP parts from season 2.

Following the end of Arena season one, players will still be able to use leftover arena points until season two begins. Gladiator gear from season one will be discounted as well in preparation for the new season.

Once season two begins, any arena points that players have will be turned into honor. For every one arena point that a player has when season two begins, they’ll receive 10 honor. has the lowest prices for gold in The Burning Crusade Classic. If you want to Buy WOW TBC Gold or another currency in your favorite game - just text us, we'll make you a personal offer! 5mmo trades are 100% safe, and we're taking every single measure to keep it that way. 5mmo is a trusted company with 96% of 5-star reviews on our Trustpilot. We're always ready to assist you and answer your questions, so don't mind to text us anytime you'll want!
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