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Bless Unleashed Star Seeds News & Guides

Bless Unleashed Prepares For First PC Content Update

  2021-09-08 14:41:42
Bless Unleashed will hold it’s second PC closed beta test this week, and for those who haven’t been following the game, it’s a PC port from its successful console version that’s trying to make ammends for 2018’s Bless Online which does not have a good reputation. Here’s what to expect from the second CBT.

Which will be released on September 15th and will add a new boss, The Spider Queen, and a new dungeon, The Caverns of Wrath. The coming boss is, roughly speaking, an improved version of the existing boss. Since the "Queen of Spiders" has 42 levels and several new combat mechanics. As a reward for defeating her, you can get a pet - Wyvern. As for the dungeon, it is intended for heroes of level 35, and 3 bosses will be waiting inside. They skillfully use the power of small demons, fiery lava and a crowd of small undead. The reward for passing will be another pet, but this time it's a Unicorn.

Here are the highlights:


    Crusader’s Counterattack skills break combos when it is used during combos. Fixed the skill description stating that “This skill does not break combos even when it is used during a combo.”


    The stack of “Rushing Storm” of Berserker’s “Gift of Valor” Blessing is consumed when hitting enemies with Whirlwind. Fixed the skill description stating that the stack is consumed when Whirlwind is used.


    Fixed an issue where the duration of Mage’s “Blizzard” skill was incorrectly increased when the “Frost Wolf” effect of “Mark of the Wolf” Blessing was increased.


    Fixed an issue where the Ranger’s “Natural Instincts” effect of “Mark of the Wolf” Blessing was not able to properly increase the damage of the “Thundering Arrows” skill.


    Fixed an issue where the objective of the “Touch of Syrania 2” quest was not updated in the description after the objective was changed from “Pinkspot Crimson Seabream” to “Cigar Wrasse.”
    Fixed so that remaining items after completing “Mix, Turn, and Mix Again!” quest can be destroyed in the Bag.


    Fixed a bug where the final attendance reward was shown to be available to receive even after the final reward was received.
    Fixed an issue where related achievements and Bless Pass missions were not achieved when selling items using the ‘sell all’ function.


    Fixed an issue where the “Adept Blacksmith Nil Contract” item couldn’t be registered in the Marketplace.
    Changed so only the lowest 3 prices are shown in the sales list for items in the Marketplace. This does not apply to equipment items or costume cards.

Of course, this is not all, and the team shared information about the upcoming updates. The developers plan to optimize the game, balance edits and many other content. In general, the game will be actively expanding and receiving regular updates.

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