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Bless Mobile,has now been released worldwide for iOS and Android

  2021-03-18 15:47:05
JOYCITY, developer of the game TERA: Endless War, has just launched Bless Mobile, its newest MMORPG for smartphones. The title was originally released for PC in 2018, and arrived on smartphones last year, but has remained an exclusivity of the Asian market until today.

It’s the first title in the Bless series to have been developed for mobile, and whilst the franchise itself might not be as prevalent as other MMO contemporaries like Lineage Revolution and Black Desert, playtesting leading up to release suggests that Bless Mobile is every bit their equal when it comes to quality.

This is probably the most amazing graphic MMO in mobile that beats any other MMO on the market today. The quality is amazing and has been tested to be every bit (or even better) in its league. Bless Mobile is also the first part of the Bless series that has been adapted for mobile phones. And during the pre-registration phase, it turns out that the standards of the game are quite excellent and that, since it runs on the latest Unreal Engine 4, the graphics and gameplay are both stunning and interesting.

Altogether, the title allows the player to choose between 4 different races and 5 classes to maximize their true potential ”. Right away, we are presented with a character creation screen with several customization options, a middle ground between Black Desert and more generic MMORPGs. The title also features a dynamic combat system and missions with Auto Play support. There are also a number of activities like fishing, farming and more, in which players can participate.

The game is free and is now available for Android and iOS. It is worth remembering that this was not the only major launch for smartphones this week. Rivengard, an RPG inspired by games like Magic and Heroes of Might, was also made available for free on both platforms last Thursday. There are also other releases that you can check in our list with the best games of the week.

The game right now has 4 unique races for the player to choose from and the choice of the hero avatar the player will use has never looked so vibrant and beautiful with the customization options that come with it.

But Bless Mobile isn't just about looks and portability, it also has strengths with its gameplay and exploration capabilities in both PVE and PVP. And it will be easier to just get lost in the game for hours as it is a completely different experience.

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