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As always, MLB The Show 21 is out on the field where this year release excels

  2021-08-17 14:28:58
The next-gen debut for the MLB The Show series has arrived. MLB The Show 21 is available not just on PlayStation 4 but also on the PS5 and the Xbox family of consoles.

As always, it’s out on the field where this year’s release excels. A plethora of new fielding animations, including a total rewrite to the way players react to off-the-wall balls, mean that this an outstanding simulation of America’s game. Pinpoint pitching adds Skate-like gesture controls to the action on the mound, and while this does take time to master, it rewards patience and practice with the most accurate pitching mechanic in the game.

The biggest new feature of the year is the flexible Stadium Creator, which brings a new layer of depth and creativity to MLB The Show. You can alter seating arrangements, change the height and location of your walls, and even create entire cities in the background. But like most first drafts, it has some areas that need improvement: The controls are tough to get used to and can often seem misleading, especially if you’re trying to make your way through its confusing menu system. It’s also weird that none of your custom ballparks have a nighttime variant, so evening games that should extend into the night remain bathed in perpetual sunlight.

There's a powerful caveat though: where it matters – out on the field – MLB The Show 21 is still a notable, impressive simulation, up there with the sporting elite. For instance, added fielding animations bring a weightier feel when chasing liners or pop-ups. PS5 advancements boost facial expressions, and while imperfect, they capture the frustration on a pitcher’s face after giving up a hit or a coach screaming over a botched strike call from the dugout.

There are still some things missing in MLB The Show’s franchise mode, but we’ll get to those things a little later. What is present in MLB The Show 21’s franchise mode is the same depth from last year’s improved customization suite (which is augmented by Stadium Creator) and a new Trade and Player Value metric that vastly improves the general manager/owner experience.

When it comes to content, there is still no baseball simulator on the planet that is as attentive to its teams and rosters, as meticulous with the momentum of its on-field baseball simulation, or as awash with diverse and interesting gameplay modes as MLB The Show. The list of modes hasn’t gotten any longer this year and pretty much everything is carried over from MLB The Show 20, but there are a handful of notable improvements.

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