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FUT 21 Coins Comfort Trade News & Guides

A better quality upgrade will be released on December 4 for FIFA 21

  2020-11-07 16:48:16
Cheap FUT 21 Coins EA sports games will run on Xbox Series X and S Series with the same quality as they run on Xbox One S. The PS5 version will run on PS4. The three versions, however, will have loading improvements and better scene smoothness. A better quality upgrade will be released on December 4 for Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21.

FIFA fans were quite annoyed when it was said that those who get the PS5 version of FIFA 21 cannot play with those who play on the PS4. This is a major disadvantage of the new soccer game. But this can be avoided.

fifa 21

As one reader informed us, there is a little "trick" that players on the PS5 can use to play football with friends on the PS4:

    If you have installed FIFA 21 on the PS5, you will see the game twice
    One version is the improved next-gen version, while the other is the regular PS4 game
    If you now select the next-gen version, then it is only possible to play with people who are also on the PS5.
    But if you decide to play the PS4 game, then it is possible to kick with other PS4 players.

Even though it has some drawbacks, EA has done enough to push FIFA 21 back to the top of the football-game ladder once again. If you're wanting to play on the new systems, we'd recommend getting involved as soon as possible with one of these FIFA 21 deals because that way, you can play on your existing console before taking advantage of the dual entitlement free upgrade.

But in this way it is at least possible that you can continue to play with friends who do not switch to the next-gen console from Sony - which is a bit difficult anyway, since the PS5 is sold out everywhere and even on the day of the release, the 19th November, will not be available in stores.

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