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Latest News
World of WarCraft rewinds time back to 2006. This means it takes place prior to even the first expansion, The Burning Crusade. WoW originally launched in 2004, so we’re not quite back at the beginning. WoW Classic ...
[2020-01-17 11:25:22]
A mobile version of the hit MOBA game “League Of Legends” has been spotted online, potentially leaking the game. A video recently uploaded to YouTube shows the popular multiplayer online battle arena title &l...
[2020-01-15 09:55:54]
Rocket League developer Psyonix made a series of announcements in blog post this week detailing some of what the company has scheduled over this holiday season, including plans to release the first three Rocket League DL...
[2020-01-13 11:25:48]
Rocket League players who’ve been holding out on getting some of the game’s original DLC releases will get them for free before the year comes to an end. Psyonix announced on Wednesday that the first three DL...
[2020-01-07 15:13:58]
Vestan Moss is one of many crafting materials that you’ll come across during your time in Warframe. Like several of these crafting components, Vestan Moss can be a bit difficult to locate if you don’t know th...
[2019-12-27 10:31:07]
The Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer options for the PC version of the game are about to get more varied than ever, thanks to the release of RedM, a multiplayer modding framework. RedM has been developed by the same tea...
[2019-12-13 09:25:05]
Darkfall Unholy Wars was an MMORPG developed and published by Aventurine S.A. and was the follow-up to Darkfall (aka Darkfall Online), which was in service from 2009 to 2012. The game was intended to overhaul many aspect...
[2019-11-02 11:02:22]
Red 5 Studios is closing its one and only title, science fiction MMO Firefall. Work on the game is suspended as of today, with a post on the studio's website saying the decision had been made "after much review ...
[2019-11-02 10:47:58]